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Todd Phillips;
user ratings 8,6 of 10;
Jerry Robinson, Scott Silver;
USA, Canada;
772481 Vote






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The movies acting is off the charts, but it does start off slow. The whole movie builds up for an amazing ending. The last 15-20 mind are worth going to the theaters to watch this gem of a movie.
Throw a bunch of money at a great cinematographer and a great actor, then throw in some gratuitous senseless murder in a comic book universe and watch the fanboys drool. “It’s like Scorsese! Yes it’s derivative, except made by the dudes who brought you Road Trip and Hangover 3. Clichés galore and hardly any suspenseful scene building. It’s crap, don’t fall for it.

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No spoilers here. I just got back from watching joker. I don’t understand any of the negative reviews I read previously. This was superb. Phoenix is outstanding and rivals Ledgers Joker for me now (never thought I’d say that.
It’s dark, very little humour and to begin with fairly slow but as it played out to its climax I was enthralled and wanted more as the titles rolled ( I’m sure this will set up further films in a new franchise with Phoenix the star)
I highly recommend this movie.
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